Supporting Leaders of the New Earth in their awakening and in expressing their mission on Earth

A Message from our Founder

(And some unexpected channeling from the intergalactic people of An-Dei for you at the end.)

"A major reason for creating this community is that I had to go through my awakenings alone. To help others going through the same, I created something that I would have loved to have access to during the process. My vision is to make this community the world's best - and probably first - of its kind."

/Sven-Alex Trygg - An-Dei
Founder & Wake-Up Artist

About You,
the Mission,
and An-Dei

You are truly the one you! There has never been anyone like you, and there never will be again. You are a once in a creation manifestation of Love.

We see beings like you as "Leaders of the New Earth". Many times the term "Leader" does not resonate with our kind, however, as we usually do not see ourselves as someone directing others or telling them what to do. Simply because we come from a vibration of freedom, expansion, and love.

This kind of Leadership is something else though. It is leadership based upon vibration. A Leader is someone who goes first, who ventures into something before others do. And you, with your unique multidimensional vibration, are definitely someone who is going before the masses. Just by being You!

"Maximum Beauty with Minimum Effort"
- Nature

Part of An-Dei's mission on Earth is primarily to find and support you, and those like you, who have come here from other places, planets, galaxies, and dimensions to help humanity evolve. Whatever you call yourself right now - Star Seed, Alien, Medium, Shaman, Healer, Clairvoyant, or something else, or maybe you have yet to find a fitting term - our task is to help you in your awakening/activation and in discovering and expressing your unique gift. To help you shine your unique light on Earth and thrive from it!

One of the most powerful, and fun, ways of doing this is through a supportive and happy community of people in the same situation. A community that vibrates on a frequency that resonates with what you truly are and gives you energy.

"I have a vision of this community as a gym card for your soul."
/Sven-Alex Trygg - An-Dei

An-Dei is the multidimensional intergalactic people our founder comes from. It is also the mission itself, and the name he uses when he is conveying messages from that place. The name first came to him about 20 years ago during his first major awakening, when he lived alone in a cabin in the wild for a few months and started receiving memories and information from the place he came from before incarnating on Earth in Sweden.Β 

It was not until 2019 that the next activation took place. At the end of a long, intense, and tough awakening, he sat down one night to meditate as usual. He was then filled with and surrounded by white fire and the name An-Dei was shining before his inner eye. He knew then, that he was activated and the time had come to really do what he came to Earth to do. Part of the mission is to convey messages, teachings, frequencies from An-Dei to this plane to support and awaken.

Why Should You Join Us?
Simple: Don't struggle alone!

"If you can fulfill your dreams on your own, they are too small."

We know that it is many times very lonely, frustrating, and painful when you are activated/awakened. Some experience this early in childhood, some later in life depending on the mission. Some "star-children" in these times are born activated, as the higher vibration on Earth now makes that possible.Β 

The life you have been living and building for many years may suddenly seem meaningless and even crumble around you, as you are entering another vibration/reality. Disconnection from friends and family, confusion, frustration, truly feeling like an Alien. A feeling of going crazy or losing your mind. Usually, no one to talk to or relate to.

"Burnout" is many times a term used to explain what cannot be explained by conventional views. Paradoxically, the term is actually quite fitting, as one might see the process as a fire of truth awakening inside you - an inner Sun awakening - burning its way out. Clearing away that which no longer serves you.

As we see it, those who define themselves as HSP (highly sensitive person), or have been given diagnoses like ADHD/ADD may not always be from Earth but here on a specific mission yet to be revealed.

The main purpose of this community is to create a "carrier wave" to support you in your awakening-/activation-process by offering teachings with an awakening vibration and understanding from people who have been there or are in the same process as you. It isΒ a safe haven and "recharging station" where You can be You and be celebrated for it. It can help you find and express your unique gift/mission on Earth.

Share experiences with like-hearted beings and be filled with energy and love instead of being drained, frustrated, stressed, and controlled as more and more awakening ones feel from regular social media.

Current Topics


Groups within the Community

Here are a few things that we feel make our community special:

🌍 It is created especially for those who awaken to their purpose and many times remember coming from other planets, galaxies, and dimensions. A place to be true and let your light grow stronger. 

🌍 Because it is a paid membership community, it is safe and loving. You will meet only those who are serious about their process and truly want to be part of what we are creating together.

🌍 We have what we call "Love Tribe Vibe Gatherings" via Zoom. Recharging, supportive events, where you can be filled with energy and reminded of your truth and your power.

🌍 It is free from strange algorithms and censorship. (We do expect that you keep your contribution loving and supportive of course.)

🌍 You can direct message other members of the community to find new friends and build an even stronger vibe.

🌍 And more! Together we can create something that none of us could have done on our own. As the community evolves and expands with members like you, we co-create this place. A community is its members.

Some Words about An-Dei

Love this! πŸ˜„πŸ’žπŸ˜ Love the liberating expression and feeling of seeing you, love the joy, laughter & love that An-Dei transmits/radiates. Like a beautiful loving sun shining on me activating the truth within me! To be unlimited, goofy, extraordinary, unique, just be ME without caring about other's opinions... That is to truly be FREE!! πŸ˜„πŸ’«πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ€ͺπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ•ŠπŸ₯³πŸ’–πŸ’ž
- Sussie

"When you read or listen to words of wisdom from An-Dei, you don’t only receive what your eyes can see or what your ears can hear. In between every word you can recognize light codes. Light codes that will spark dormant knowledge inside of you."
- Therese

"I'm so grateful and happy to have discovered/been presented to An-Dei as it always tickles my own truth and I feel like I'm listening to a like-minded. Thank you for sharing your precious gift." ❀️
- Leo

"Sven-Alex Trygg, or An-Dei as I call him, since I see him as a cosmic being in a human body, just like myself. He always brings out the best in us. I love listening to his transmissions and letting the words merge with my heart, often they resonate so deeply that my eyes tear… because the messages touch my soul and make me remember who we are🌟, who I am.β˜€οΈπŸŒ»βœ¨"
- Cina

"When I first met An-Dei and looked into his eyes it felt like coming home. Home to a place of love, wisdom, curiosity, adventure, playfulness & enjoyment. An-Dei soon became my inspiration, a man I trust and a loving brother I feel I can turn to, to reflect over the turns of life." πŸ’–
- Emmily

"If you like to receive messages from a deep, happy loving source this is for you! An-Dei wakes me up and always makes me feel a warm joy in my heart and soul and reminds me of the privilege to be a human being exploring and playing in life."
- Susanne

''An-Dei is the nice feeling of security that was in you from the beginning. The presence is warm and strong. An-Dei is the power and the time you need to reach your true self."
- Hani

"Being asked the right questions is always a perfect way to expansion and you do just that. You tickle our inner curiosity and help us ask ourselves the most expansive questions spurring OUR TRUTH so to surface.

Even when being presented with an aural/visual explanation of something it is essential to only take to heart what resonates and you always remind your students to remember just that. Always just take what resonates."
- Charlotte

"An-Dei is a magical brother. So full of love and so humble in his humanity. Then again, he's so full of wisdom, coming from a higher source. So, you will grow in all kind of ways listening to his message, coming from far away."
- Uffe

"An-Dei to me: Words and images bringing clarity to complex existential queries, making them as simple as they actually are."
- Charlotte

Feel free to ask!

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